The Added Value that a Legal Recruitment Firm Can Offer

The Added Value that a Legal Recruitment Firm Can Offer

Recruiting high quality candidates isn’t easy. Any hiring manager knows that finding the best talent can be time-consuming and costly. Understanding the unique requirements for hiring legal counsel adds another level of significant complexity to this highly specialized field. That’s why partnering with an experienced legal recruitment firm is a great solution to your staffing needs. Whether you’re seeking to fill Associate and Partner positions within your firm, or hire your next General Counsel, skilled legal headhunters know how to find the right person for the job.
Here are the top ten reasons you should consider partnering with legal recruitment experts for your next hire.

1. Time Efficiency
We all know that time is money. When you advertise a position, you will probably receive dozens of applications. Many of the applicants you encounter will not be qualified for the job and you will have spent countless hours looking through résumés that are far from pertinent. In contrast, a retained legal recruitment firm will carefully evaluate your needs, reach out to the legal community to pro-actively elicit interest from potential candidates and vet all the résumés received from postings. By taking care of the hiring process, recruiters will save you time and money.
Legal recruitment firm can help you be more time efficient.
2. Cost Effectiveness
As mentioned above, time is money and the hiring process can be incredibly time-consuming. Consider the cost of hours spent on the recruitment process in addition to the cost of legal job board postings. Compare those with the professional fees you pay based, partially, on the success of the mandate.

3. Access to the Best Talent
Dedicated legal recruitment firms have the skills and resources to search for the best talent available. They know where to find candidates, whether already employed or actively seeking a new job opportunity. They also have a wide network of professional contacts they can use to help them in their search, with personal referrals and endorsements.

4. Pre-Screening of Candidates
Before you interview potential candidates, the recruitment firm will have already screened them for you. They benchmark candidates using the information they have collected at the initiation of the mandate, about your organization, the existing team, and the vision for the future. This way, you’ll only be meeting potential employees who meet all your requirements. It’s all about candidates, not applicants!
Having a legal recruitment firm helping you means dealing with candidates who have already been pre-screened.

5. Market Knowledge
Good recruiters have the best insight into current market trends. By specializing in specific industries such as legal recruitment they know where the best talent is, what skill sets are needed, and how to assess fit with your culture. They also advise on current market salary trends and can help you negotiate the employment agreement.

6. Promotion of Employer Brand
Your recruitment firm’s role is to promote your employer brand and represent you as an employer of choice. With a candid and enthusiastic understanding of your organization’s culture, they are able to give potential candidates a clear picture of what it’s like to work for you.
An effective relationship with your hiring firm means that recruiting quality candidates in the future will be swifter and more pertinent since they understand your very specific needs and expectations.
Building a relationship with a legal recruitment firm allows you to have candidates tailored to your needs for future hires.

8. Less Stress
A proven, experienced recruitment firm is the way to go. Recruitment companies, with their years of experience and proven track record, ensure that candidates have been adequately screened, tested and will be a great fit with your team.

9. Personalized Service
Recruitment firms provide specially tailored services to their clients. By tailoring their services to your needs, you can save additional costs and leverage the specific skills you require, whether for candidate attraction, candidate screening, sourcing or market mapping.

10. Accountability
Your satisfaction is a priority and good recruitment firms offer a guarantee period. They value professional accountability which is why you can be confident about partnering with them for your next hire.

What About Job Seekers?
If you’re considering making a career change, contacting a headhunter is an excellent way to put yourself out there. In addition to thoroughly analyzing your experience, personality and career expectations, a recruitment firm can knowledgeably discuss current job opportunities with you and where you might be a good fit. Finding the best client-candidate match is their priority.
Their client’s satisfaction is not their only goal – they want you to find professional satisfaction in your new move too. They know their clients well and their services are confidential, which is why you can feel confident about partnering with them.

If you’re a job seeker, you can contact a headhunter free of charge, with no obligation. Headhunters are aware of current job offers and what market trends are. In fact, some employers exclusively deal with recruitment firms and don’t advertise their openings anywhere else. With your résumé in their database, headhunters will undoubtedly contact you if you appear to be a good fit for a given position.

Recruitment firms have access to the best opportunities and the best talent available. Whether you’re an employer looking to expand your team or a professional who is actively seeking to make a career change, you can trust your headhunter to find the perfect match.