What is Shore & Associates’ Specialty?

We specialize in recruiting qualified legal professionals in the greater Montreal area, on an exclusive and retained basis. Our 40-plus years’ experience in identifying and screening candidates has helped us refine our process to ensure that clients will be presented with only the most appropriate and qualified candidates based on their needs and expectations, as well as matched with the organizational culture and vision.

Why should I choose Shore & Associates?

Our reputation speaks for itself. We do not compromise on professionalism, quality and client service. We take our role as your agents very seriously.

We follow a process that is rigorous and proven to identify and attract the best candidates.

We ensure that we have a clear understanding of your needs, expectations and ideal candidate profile. 

What distinguishes a good legal recruiter?

We have spent years developing our team and refining our processes to ensure that every aspect of Shore & Associates exemplifies the best practices in legal recruiting:

  • Market knowledge and industry insight
  • Reputation for professionalism
  • Process efficiency and thoroughness
  • Respect for timelines and transparent communication
  • Judgement
  • Reliability for delivering on expectations
  • Respect for candidates, confidentiality


 Questions for Lawyers

How do I find opportunities?

We post our mandate opportunities on our Opportunities page.

For those looking for freelance /contract lawyer opportunities, we suggest you sign up on our sister company platform, Jurisflex.com

Who has access to my profile?

All communication with Shore & Associates is confidential. No information is shared with potential employers without your express permission.

On what type of mandates do we accept?

Our mandates include opportunities in both law firms as well as in-house legal departments. We are retained to identify and attract lawyers specializing in the full range of legal practice areas, from junior professionals to senior counsel. We are recognized for our expertise in finding the professionals with the right expertise and the right fit for the client’s organizational culture, vision and needs.

Through our sister company, Jurisflex, we work on mandates for contract/freelance lawyers who can fulfill temporary mandates for a specific need or replacement of a determined nature ( e.g. parental leave). See  Jurisflex.com


 Questions for Employers

How do I find a lawyer?

Each opportunity and each lawyer is unique. An in-depth discussion of the position you are trying to fill and the legal professional you want to attract is critical to understanding the need, the context and the expectations, which will translate into recruiting the right experience, specialization, fit with the team and fit with the culture – be it for a legal department or a law firm.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your needs will greatly improve the quality of service we provide. As such, we feel the first step of your journey with Shore & Associates is of critical importance. Contact us at bshore@shoreassoc.com to get started.

Do I need Shore & Associates to find a lawyer?

Identifying and attracting a lawyer can be done through referrals from your personal network, which is limited and time-consuming. It can be done through postings which attract only those who are actively looking for a new position.

Using a professional recruiter who works pro-actively and exclusively on your behalf means that the net is cast widely and that the network includes both those who are actively looking and those who might not be considering a move but who have the expertise and fit with your requirements. We use a professional, confidential approach. Our insight into what motivates the lawyer to seriously consider the opportunity and be open to further discussion means that you can attract the very best person in the market.

What types of mandates do we accept?

We are headhunters! We are interested in undertaking mandates that require a tailor-made solution and where we add value to the process and the solution.

How much will using your service cost me?

We work on an exclusive and retained basis. Our fees are discussed and agreed upon before undertaking the mandate.

How much time will it take to find a lawyer?

Each mandate is unique in its complexity and time to completion but we respect your timeframe by providing regular updates on our progress, and by giving you market feedback, as well as details regarding any roadblocks to our progress. We are recognized for our efficiency and our transparent, ongoing communication.  We find the right balance with the urgency of your need without compromising quality in the selection of the best candidate.