Third Sector

What We Can Do For You

What is the Third Sector? Neither the private sector nor the public sector, it includes:

  • universities
  • hospital and health sector organizations
  • professional, trade and health associations
  • cultural organizations
  • community organizations

Though one hears the term “not-for-profit” used as well, we understand that your organization is entirely dedicated to its mission and to its success.

Whether you need to fundraise, direct operations efficiently or grow your organization under new leadership, we will find the talent to further your mission and achieve results that address the expectations of diverse stakeholders.

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Why Shore

As the pioneers of a Third Sector niche practice, we are well placed to actively and rigorously seek professionals who understand the unique objectives and operational challenges of the Third Sector.

  • We are recognized for our personalized client service and ability to partner with you in the search process.
  • We have access to an enviable collection of talent through our experience.
  • Our search experience in other sectors allows us to identify motivated candidates who have transferable skills that will add significant value to your organization.
  • We treat each mandate as unique.
  • We refer only professionals who demonstrate their strategic value to mission-driven organizations.

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