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We Will Find the Right Candidate for You

For over 20 years, Shore & Associates has been the leader in legal recruitment in Montreal. Founded by Barbara Shore, our firm’s mission is to find the best candidate for your law firm or legal department. We also offer executive search services for a wide range of functional positions (e.g., marketing, finance, human resources, etc.) in privately held and public companies.

Recognized for our ability to deliver results and our professionalism, we strive to cultivate long-term relationships and lasting engagements focused on the sustainable success of your organization.

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Shore & Associates’ Expertise

As head-hunters in Montreal, our goal is to find candidates who suit your specific requirements. We recruit lawyers for permanent positions, from legal counsel to staff lawyers as well as partners and associates for law firms. Our sister company www.jurisflex.com, handles temporary positions and project mandates.

Talent recruitment is at the core of a company’s success. We will help you find the right “fit” – that professional who will contribute to your competitive advantage and drive results.

Shore & Associates’ president, Barbara Shore, has extensive experience in the recruitment industry. She has built a large network of professionals and has assembled a talented team who focus on understanding your company’s needs and the key factors for success.

We actively recruit lawyers for a discerning clientele, from top law firms to companies that are seeking to add a legal counsel to their team, a specialized partner or an associate.

We also provide a platform for all your contract lawyering needs: www.jurisflex.com which is a flexible and easy approach to hiring freelance lawyers in Montreal.

A Rigorous Selection Process

With over 20 years of experience in legal recruitment, Shore & Associates is widely recognized and respected in the industry. Our rigorous recruitment methods help us to develop a strong slate of candidates to fill permanent lawyer and executive positions.

Before presenting you with a selection of potential candidates, we will take the time to sit with you and identify the experience and skills you are seeking. This consultative process aims to identify your needs with insight and precision. The recommended individuals are screened through competency interviews and references for their expertise as well as their fit with your corporate culture.

If you are looking for lawyers for specific mandates, please refer to our jurisflex.com service. Practical and easy to use, this platform will help you find lawyers for temporary legal mandates.

Why You Should Enlist Our Help

Recruiting lawyers is an important task that requires a keen understanding of the legal field and its various needs. Our legal recruitment staff in Montreal is highly qualified and has been offering recognized services that do not compromise on professionalism and delivering results. When you entrust us with a mandate, we take our role as trusted advisor and service provider very seriously and are proud of relationships built on trust and results.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Shore & Associates:

  • Thanks to our reputation, our uncompromised discretion and professionalism, we actively elicit interest from the best lawyers, including those not necessarily seeking a change.
  • We conduct personal interviews with each potential candidate before making a recommendation.
  • While our database holds an enviable collection of legal talent, we treat each mandate as unique: we do thorough market research and seek a customized solution.
  • Our insight and knowledge of the industry serve to support our role as valued advisor

Legal recruitment requires extensive experience in high-level talent acquisition. As head-hunters, it is of utmost importance that we identify our clients’ needs to recommend the best candidates possible.

When you entrust us with the responsibility of recruiting your legal staff, rest assured that we continue to work, always with the highest level of professionalism to guarantee your satisfaction. Shore & Associates’ continuing success can be attributed to:

  • Our highly personalized customer service and our ability to work seamlessly with our clients during the search process.
  • We help you identify your needs thanks to our continuous consultative process.
  • We excel in recruiting candidates for specific or difficult-to-fill positions.
  • We conduct personal interviews and evaluations of each potential candidate based on your specific criteria.
  • We only recommend candidates who meet your expertise and management style requirements, and who comply with your company needs, strategy and culture.

If you wish to obtain more information on our services, please visit our legal recruitment and executive search pages. To book an appointment with one of our associates, please call us at 514-878-3443. Our offices are in downtown Montreal.

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