Our Commitment

Our Values

We are a retained search firm and accept only exclusive mandates. While our database holds an enviable collection of talent, we treat each mandate as unique. We actively and rigorously search for the candidate whose qualifications, expertise and style match the needs of your business strategy, culture and stakeholders’ expectations.

We are focused on your long-term success. We stand behind our work and guarantee to replace any candidate who does not prove to be the right “fit” within a pre-agreed time period.

Long-term partnerships
By building long-term relationships with our clients, we are better able to understand their specific issues and cultures.

Integrity and professionalism
We are recognized for our professional approach, discretion and responsiveness. We understand that how candidates are treated by the recruiter reflects not only on our professional status as a top recruitment firm but on your reputation as an employer of choice.

Personalized service and focus
We partner closely with you to understand and define the critical success factors for your preferred candidate, including the subtle elements of personal fit with all stakeholders and organizational culture.

Experience and expertise; perspective, judgment and insight
With our team’s combination of legal, HR and business experience, we have a profound understanding of different industries and functions. We ask the right questions. We appreciate nuance and read between the lines. We recognize talent and understand what makes the right hire. And through our ongoing consultative process, we will help you raise the right issues, determine your needs and identify the appropriate fit.

Methodology / Approach

We are dedicated to interview structures, assessment methods and aptitude tests (as required) that will determine who will perform best on the job, and not simply interview best.

Partnering: is Shore & Associates the right fit for your organization?

  • We want to ensure that we can best add value in a cost-effective manner for you. We must be confident that we can deliver what you need before we undertake the mandate.

Defining your talent needs

  • What are the leadership requirements for the position?
  • What are the critical qualifications and success factors for the target candidate?
  • What is the organizational/corporate culture like? Who are the key stakeholders, including the reporting structure as well as the other team members?

Identifying candidates

  • Conduct industry research, including discussion with industry experts.
  • Proactively identify and recruit appropriate candidates using our network of contacts, third-party referrals, our database of candidates, referred résumés, social media networks and advertising on specialized sites.

Evaluating candidates: pre-screening

  • Conduct interviews: assess qualifications, competencies and “fit”. We recommend short-listed candidates only after having personally met with them to evaluate their qualifications and fit with your organization.

Evaluating candidates: finalist selection

  • Provide detailed written reports that offer our clients added-value insight and perspective.
  • Present candidates who meet client requirements and would effectively integrate into the organizational culture.

Making the right hire

  • Once the preferred candidate is identified, we perform a thorough reference check, as well as any other requested background check and testing, to confirm the candidate’s past performance.
  • We assist in the negotiation of employment terms to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

Ongoing follow-up

  • Once the selected candidate joins your organization, we conduct regular follow-up with both the client and candidate to facilitate smooth onboarding and integration (see next section for more information).


At Shore & Associates we know that the recruitment process does not simply end once the selected candidate has signed the offer. We cultivate long-term relationships and aim to create lasting engagements.

Proper onboarding is crucial because, from the employer’s perspective, it ensures that the selected candidate can be as productive and effective as possible in the least amount of time.

From the selected candidate’s perspective, proper onboarding informs, engages and facilitates, clarifying expectations and organizational culture, and setting the stage for long-term success within the organization.

Onboarding is not orientation. Onboarding addresses performance objectives and highlights the transition competencies necessary. It is strategic and involves the senior staff and coaches who are stakeholders of the new hire.